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After discovering her daughter's love for story writing and her newfound interest in publishing, Annemieke combined her passion for business process, technology, and children's home learning to launch Young Author Academy.

With the mantra of "Dare to be Remarkable", Annemieke launched Young Author Academy and created the platform where children can develop their writing skills and publish their stories, whether it be short stories or a novel.


Through Young Author Academy, young writers now can become a published author and have their book available on the global Amazon Store.


Annemieke has published numerous Young Authors (over 200) including her own two children's books. She is an author herself of Reference Books and children's books.



Ayat author pic.jpeg

- Ayat

"My prodigious journey with Young Author Academy was very fun. I also loved when we had the workshops and we supported each other with positive criticism!

And even when I wanted to give up Mieke was always there!

And she really made me think outside of the box and bring our thoughts to life, not forgetting she is hilarious!

I am looking forward to starting

my second book.

If you think you enjoy reading and inspire to be an author,  I recommend for you to stop thinking and start writing, nothing is impossible!"

Haneya author pic.jpg

- Rabbia

My daughter has had the opportunity to attend Young Authors Academy sessions over the summer break.


They have truly inspired her to put her ideas to paper and she is currently in the fine tuning stage of her very own first storybook. The individual attention given to each child during the sessions is what makes it so helpful for children and gave her the confidence to 
express her ideas without the fear of being wrong. I would highly recommend them!


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