What do we do during our entire 5-week

                     COMIC-BOOK Creative Writing Course?

Week One

We provide the children with Workshop Materials. (Booklet, Writing Materials)

We discuss Comic Book basics, different genre's of writing and speak with all children

about their style of writing and intentions for their comic-book.

We continue to discuss:   Comic Book Story Creation and Story Theme Development

                                                  "Bubble Brainstorming" and Story Board Creation

                                                  Further discussion on story flow, ideas and development

                                                  How to start the Comic Book

                                     Including: Exercises on Comic Book Story Brainstorming

     *We touch briefly on Character creation and Character relationships (within the Comic)


Week Two

We finalise "Bubble Brainstorming" and focus on Comic Book story creation and continue developing Ideas

We continue to discuss:   Comic Book Theme Development

                                                  Further "Bubble Brainstorming" for the majority of the Comic Book (Story)

                                                  Character creation and importance of character relationships

                                                  Story Climax / Turning Points in a comic book

                                                  We formally start the comic book/story - in very basic form 


                                      Including: Exercises on Story Boarding and character creation

                                                        Brief Introduction on grammar, punctuation and spelling 

        *some children may have started their Comic Book by this point.

Week Three

We further develop Comic Book / Story Creation and continue writing with deep continued focus on Character Creation 

We continue to discuss:   Story Theme Development 

                                                  Further deep Character creation and importance of Character relationships

                                                  Children continue to write/draw their Comic Book

                                                  Discussion on Captions and Expression

                                       Including: Exercises on Character creation and Story Climax / Exciting Turning Points in a Story              

                                                        Continued brief discussion on grammar, punctuation and spelling

Week Four

We further develop the Comics continuing the Comic with a focus on reaching the end of creating the story

We continue to discuss:   Story writing incorporating story climaxes/ exciting turning points

                                                  Story writing with a focus on dramatic expression 

                                                  Further discussion on Captions 

                                       Including: Exercises on working towards drafting the entire story

                                                        Continued brief discussion on grammar, punctuation and spelling

Week Five


We aim to finalise our Comics with the focus on:

We continue to discuss:    Story finalisation / the overall Storyline 

                                                   Comic Story writing incorporating making sense of storylines and story climaxes / turning points

                                                   Finalising the Comic/Story writing with a focus on dramatic language and expression

                                                   Making sense of the Comic Book whilst respecting grammar and story flow.

     At this point, the children should have completed

       their Comic Books. Should they require additional story

          refinement, we will work together to refine and 

            complete the story until it is complete as part

              of the package.


Up Next....   publishing the Story

At this point, we will talk with you about publishing your

child's story and bringing it to life on the Amazons Bookstore.