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By Aanya Khandelwal

With assistance of a fictional subplot of a tortured princess, the book progresses as stages of personal progress and inevitable growth.


From scramblings at 3am to vents on the notes app on my phone, the book holds my rawest writings, and my journey to heal from them. Every page you turn will help you heal your inner child.

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About the Author

Aanya Khandelwal

Aanya is a fourteen year old Dubai-based unconventional writer and poet. Infatuated by the night's silent glow, and the moon being its shining mantlepiece, she is fond of creating change. 

With a passion for psychology and philosophy, Aanya shares a kindling love for literature and feminism and holds the hope that her writing, as a form of art has the power to move, inspire and goes to show people that they aren't alone in what they feel; and that healing is a part of the process. 

Upon graduating from school, Aanya wants to research in the field of psychology to help the psychological community gain more insights.  

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