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"The Bewitched and
Breathtaking Halloween" 

-Maple and Liv's Spooky Adventure-

By Adheesha Abishek Jain

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In the quaint, close-knit town, best friends,

Maple and Liv, share an insatiable passion for all things Halloween.

As the autumn leaves blanket their picturesque surroundings, these two young adventurers become embroiled in an eerie tale of mystery.

The rumours of a witch dwelling in the town's spookiest house have piqued their curiosity.

On Halloween night, guided by the light of their flickering jack-o-lanterns, Maple and Liv set out on a thrilling quest to uncover the truth behind the chilling legend. Little do they know that their journey will unravel a web of secrets, enchantments, and the most magical Halloween they've ever experienced.


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Adheesha, a bright and enthusiastic twelve-year-old, is a newly published young Author, brimming with passionand curiosity. Born with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Adheesha's story is one that unfolds with a clear love for adventure and self-expression.

Her dedication to reading has not only broadened her horizons but also ignited a spark of creativity that has led her to explore the world of writing. Adheesha particularly loves books filled with mystery and suspense.


As she continues her journey through life, one can only anticipate the exciting adventures and artistic achievements that lie ahead for this young and

promising individual.

About the Author

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