"The Stones of Eternity"

By Adwaith Arun

After a disaster of momentous proportions  strikes Planet Earth, chaos ensues and those who survived were thrust into space having to defend for themselves.

After reaching an unknown interstellar body, a group of earthlings come across an incredible settlement with amazing creatures and wondrous villages.

What they don't expect is a set of potentially torturous challenges set by a wicked King with totem animals and mystery stones.

Will they collect the mystery stones and complete their challenge?

Will they be captured by the evil King and will they ever return to Earth?

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About the Author

Adwaith is an eleven year old avid reader and writer. His knowledge and studies in science coupled with his remarkable imagination formed the basis of this incredible science-fiction novel.


At school, Adwaith’s favourite subject is Science and when he finishes his studies, his vision is to become a Scientist or an Astronaut. 


In his spare time, Adwaith enjoys reading, writing, playing sports and video games. To make the world a better place, Adwaith would encourage people to use whiteboards rather than the use of paper in order to save our trees - and our world.