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"The Quest of Doom"

Written by
              A. J. Grice

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Alex is your typical thirteen year old boy with typical hobbies, living a very normal life.

Until one day he is called upon to complete a mission. A mission that, if successful, will not only please the King, but will also determine the fate of someone who is very close to him.


Will Alex succeed in the mission that will

require strength, skill and courage?

And will he save the Kingdom from the

doom that threatens its future?

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*coming soon*

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About the Author

A.J. is a fabulously imaginative eight-year old dubai-based writer. He enjoys creating and writing short stories and in the Summer of 2021 decided to write a story full of adventure and myths.

What he created and now has published is an intensely creative story.

A.J.’s favourite subject at school is PE and he loves to play rugby and cricket in his

spare time. He also loves to spend time coding. 

To make the world a better place, A.J. would encourage the prevention of using unnecessary plastics. 

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