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"Winny's Quest"

Written and Illustrated
    by Aliya Rose Asif Ogden

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Long ago, in a quiet village at the bottom of a snowy mountain lived a watermelon named Winny. Winny was sad when others said that she looked 'different'.

And that is when Winny's Quest began.

After finding a map and a fact file about a magical kingdom, Winny set off on a Quest to find the mysterious "Bow Land' in search of answers.

Follow Winny's wonderful journey in search of answers and marvel in the wonders of who and what she comes across along the way.

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About the Author

Aliya Rose Asif Ogden

Aliya is a highly imaginative, passionate, and creative seven year old Dubai-based Author.

At school, Aliya’s favourite subject is English and in her spare time, Aliya loves to play together with her brother, Rayyan and her sister, Ayesha. She enjoys basketball and playing piano, as well as everything Harry Potter.

Upon leaving school, Aliya will continue writing and would love to be an Author and to make the world a better place, Aliya would write books and donate them to children to learn how to read.

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