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The Mermaid of Magic

By Amanya Grover

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Once upon a time, there was a kind mermaid named Isabella.

Isabella and her family were the rulers of the sea.

Life in the sea was both magical and mysterious for Isabella. With her friends, the dolphins, and her best friend, Lily, by her side, there is not an uneventful day in the magical kingdom, and Isabella has a secret; a desired wish.

Will she be granted her wish?

And what else is in store for Isabella?

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About the Author

Amanya is a remarkably imaginative and accomplished nine year old Dubai-based Author. At school, Amanya’s favourite subject is Maths, and in her spare time, she loves to read, draw, play chess, and spend time with family.

When she finishes school, Amanya wishes to become a Teacher, a Politician or even a Chess Player, and she would make the world a better place by reducing plastic pollution and encouraging people to reuse things and to stop wasting resources. Amanya is also passionate about stopping deforestation, to make more land available.

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