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"The Adventures of
                       Mount Tasks"

By Anaya Varma

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An amazing adventure ensues when a group of friends lose their ball high on a mountain - Mount Tasks, a mystery mountain that has everyone in the country mystified with its beauty and intrigue.

What happens next will shock and surprise you when each of the children are challenged with unbelievable and almost myth-like obstacles.

Will they retrieve their ball or will they be overcome with the challenges and not come together again?

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About the Author

With an extraordinarily creative imagination, Anaya embarked on a fabulous creative writing journey to write a short story, expand upon it, and publish it. 

By age seven, Anaya has achieved her dream of publishing her own book with a fabulously wonderful story that is entertaining and interesting, with a couple of good morals along the way.



Anaya loves learning about the different elements of life and our planet. She loves to read and write stories, and she also loves to play with her friends. 

Anaya also loves to sing and help the community. When she celebrates her birthday, she loves to donate to charity, rather than always receiving gifts. Her dream is to start her own party-planning centre.

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