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"Monster Tale"

Written and Illustrated
             by Anika Bravo Riera

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Once there was a monster living in a very unusual place called Monster Town.

Monster Town was a beautiful and colourful place filled with all types of wondrous monsters.

Jack, the monster was a very curious monster who loved to explore on his motorcycle.

One day he came across an incredible discovery in a nearby land; a human girl who was desperate to visit Monster Town. 

Knowing that the little girl would not be allowed to enter Monster Town;

a decree set by the Queen herself,

Jack faced a very difficult dilemma.


Will Jack find a way to bring the little girl into Monster Town?

and will they become friends?


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About the Author

Anika is an eight year old, Dubai based Author.

Her favourite subject at school is English and she speaks five languages.

In her spare time, Anika loves to play with her friends, her dog and her toys. Also, she likes drawing, listening to music, dancing, playing soccer and playing the violin.

When Anika leaves school, she wants to become a Scientist and to make the world a better place. She would spread awareness of protecting and saving the animals on our precious planet Earth.

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