LOVE in the Season of HATE

By Dr Anwar Hamdan Sajwani

Humaid, a young ambitious Emirati doctor who is keen on becoming a heart surgeon, is set on leaving the comfort and safety of his home in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to travel and assist those in need of urgent medical help in refugee camps in Southern Sudan, Lebanon and Jordan. But when an unexpected call of duty compels him to cross the border from Jordan to Syria to help at a hospital near Daraa, things take a major unexpected turn and Humaid's life hangs in the balance.


Caught between the falling bombs from the Syrian regime, the warring factions of the Syrian opposition, the Islamic army militia and a dying tyrannical Emir, hate and power intertwine and threaten to leave no room for love, reconciliation or salvation.

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About the Author

When my editor (Annemieke) of Author Academy asked me to write the biography for my book, I hesitated for some time. 

If I mention that I am a medical consultant (Ophthalmologist), my readers might expect a story related to medicine or my professional life. However, my book is not about (boring) medicine. It’s about difficult college years. It’s about charity work. It’s about the suffering of refugees and, most importantly, it’s a deep love story of a young doctor.

However, there are some light and enjoyable passages that will make you smile, laugh and feel satisfied and relieved. My only request to readers is to be patient in the first few chapters of the story and try to imagine the pain and difficulties faced by medical students in their academic years. 

After the first few chapters, the story will change to include moments of excitement, suspense and even some unexpected events.


As I am a national of UAE, you might expect a story related to the area, but this is a story of the recent events in the Middle East that will touch the hearts of every human being living anywhere in this world.

It’s also my life story. After secondary school, my quest for medical education took me to Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Ireland, the United Kingdom and France. I also worked in free eye-camps in many places as a volunteer. I am reminded of a time in my life when I came down with a serious case of malaria in one of the camps. I became very sick with a high grade fever and shivering; I thought for sure I was going to die. Fortunately, one Pakistani doctor diagnosed me, treated me and saved my life. Thus, I have interjected some of my own life experience in this story as well.

For most of my life, I worked at Dubai Hospital and Rashid Hospital in the UAE.

I was a senior lecturer and examiner at Dubai Medical College for over eight years. I was also elected

President of the Emirates Ophthalmology Society for three terms (i.e., six consecutive years).

My last official appointment was Consultant and Head of Department at Dubai Hospital.

This is my first book. I have always wanted to write it; but due to the commitments of my job, I could not complete it.


During the Corona virus (COVID 19) Pandemic, I used my free time to write this novel. 

Finally, I must thank my editors and printers, Annemieke Woodbridge, Hajer Almosleh and

Diana Tattarakis without whose support this novel was not possible.


I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Dr. Anwar Hamdan Sajwani