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"Turtle Man"

By Arwan Moaz
   Illustrated by Eshal Rauf  

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Long ago in outer space, there lived a planet of turtles called Turtero, reigned by King Troller.

Previously, the planet was safe and mobile until tragedy struck, when the leader of TAOS - The Alliance of Space, controlled by evil Zurg, deployed his intergalactic war.

Billi, who could only be the last survivor was sent down to Planet Earth to be safe from evil.

Will Billi ever see his family again? 
Will Planet Earth be safe from the evil Zurg and The Alliance of Space?


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Arwan is a highly imaginative and creative ten-year-old Dubai-based Author. Arwan has been writing short turtle-man stories since he was five years old and has now had the opportunity to publish one of his stories. 

At school, Arwan’s favourite subject is Maths and in his spare time, he loves to read, play cricket and chess. He also loves to research everything about turtles. Arwan is also a keen swimmer.


Upon leaving school, Arwan would love to become a cricket player and also write children’s books to make an impact on the world through his thoughtful stories. Arwan believes through his writing, children can learn life lessons that will be engaging them to read about and also emulate in their own lives. 

About the Author

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