61 Days

By Avni Castelino

It all started on a rainy night with a good book, a hot cup of tea and it ended with a mysterious murder. Something very strange was happening in Bellville.

Within a month, three unsolved and mysterious cases later, Officer Jamie went in search for the culprit. With two confirmed deaths and one disappearance, it drove him to investigate every last detail. There was a link between these incidents and the link seemed obvious to Officer Jamie.

Will he uncover the missing piece of information that is perplexing the city of Belleville or will Officer Jamie be unable to prevent the next perplexing death?

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About the Author

Avni is a 12 year old, living in the United Arab Emirates.

With a passion for writing, Avni created this cryptic and fabulous thriller. 


At school, Avni’s favourite subjects are Science, English and Drama and in her spare

time she loves to read, play sports and travel. 


When Avni finishes her studies, she wishes to become a doctor.

She will certainly continue her literary dreams and continue to publish 

her writings and stories. 


To make the world a better place, Avni would share the theory of not judging each

other and encourage people more to accept people the way they are.