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Planet June

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Written and Illustrated by
Ayesha Sophia Mohammad

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In a new adventure, Ruby, NASA Astronaut, was desperate to make a new discovery in Space.


After much planning and training, Ruby was off to space in a brand new rocket.


What she doesn't realise is that she wasn't just about to make a small discovery,

but a very large one; in the shape of a sphere, accompanied by fluffy, cotton candy,

pink exquisite clouds, two hot, blazing, incandescent suns and three silvery moons.


Will Ruby return safely to tell everyone back on Earth all about her discovery and expedition?

And what other discoveries would she make along the way?

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“To make the world a better place, I would write books for

children, teenagers and adults.

They will be happy when they read my books.”

                                                                - Ayesha. 

About the Author

Ayesha is a highly imaginative, passionate and creative seven year old Dubai-based Author.  At school, Ayesha’s favourite subjects are Art and English and in her spare time, Ayesha loves to read, write, draw and paint. She also enjoys baking and playing tennis. Upon leaving school, Ayesha would love to be an author, a tennis player and a violinist.

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