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"Yours Sincerely"

By Bhadra Ajayan R.

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Iris' existence is monotonous and colourless; at least that's what she thinks.

Suffering through unrelenting harassment at school and an increasingly pugnacious home life with bickering parents, Iris yearns for some peace and quiet or at least a life with purpose and meaning.

With no end in sight to the monotony, Iris tries to block out the noise, until one day when she receives a letter in the mail, from an secret admirer. Suspicious of the intentions at first, Iris is careful to interpret the meanings of each word of supposed kindness, but as the letters continue to arrive each Monday at 6pm, she begins to realise that maybe she does have someone who cares for her after all, even despite them being a stranger.


When her admirer is finally revealed, Iris' relief is short lived when she suffers the agonizing truth.


Bhadra is a consistently excellent academic performer. She is training as a Bharatanatyam dancer, and has performed on various stages.

She also has a strong passion for art, and enjoys experimenting

with different mediums.

Bhadra has also been the reciever of the title ' Best sister of the

Year' for 12 consecutive years.

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Special thanks:

Thank you so much, Anannya, my multitalented sister,

for constsantly supporting me.

You always push me to be my best version.

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About the Author

Bhadra is a thirteen year old elegant and accomplished young Dubai-based Author. At school, Bhadra’s favorite subjects are Maths and Art and in her spare time, she loves to read, sketch, and spend time with her family.

When she finishes school, Bhadra wishes to become an economist, but will continue to pursue her passions for writing and sketching.  


To make the world a better place, she believes in educating people with morals and she also hopes to address social issues through her writing and inspirational stories. 

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