Cutie and the
Reactor Catastrophe

By Chase Woodbridge

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Cutie battles his arch nemesis again; the red devil. In this adventure, Cutie takes on the red devil and tries to save the local Nuclear Power Plant.

The problem is, he doesn't know how to disable the Reactor.


Will Cutie be able to save the City from the terror of the red devil's evil plans?

Or will Cutie lose the battle and be unable to save the power plant and the people living in the city nearby?

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About the Author

Chase is an eight year old dubai-based young author with a love for adventure and super hero stories.

Chase’s favourite subject at school is STEM studies and he loves to create and build prototypes and engineering models.

Chase has a love for engineering, robotics, marine life and animals and in his spare time, Chase loves to snorkel, play tennis and learn MMA.