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"Where's My Brownie?"

By Elina Bansal

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Story of The Lost Pup

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Sophie is over the moon when her parents give her a cute Labrador pup as a birthday gift.

She names him Brownie. They both become inseparable buddies and cherish every moment together until one day Brownie goes missing.

Sophie is shattered and disheartened with Brownie’s sudden disappearance, however,

she is not somebody who gives up easily. She teams up with her bestie Lily and they both start a secret search mission without their family’s knowledge.

What exactly could have happened to Brownie?

How did the well-trained pup strand away?

Will Sophie be able to reunite with her beloved companion?

Or will Brownie be missing forever?



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About the Author

Elina is an eight year old amateur story writer and now a published Author, who lives in Singapore - a city that epitomises the beauty of multiculturalism. She thoroughly enjoys learning multiple languages like Mandarin & French.

In her spare time, Elina loves to play piano, swim and solve challenging mathematical problems. She was a Bronze medal winner in 2020 South East Asia Math Olympiad.

Elina is a compassionate dog lover and wishes to adopt a dog family when she grows up. She is an avid nature lover and a true follower of the "Ban plastic" policy, as she is sensitive towards the impact of plastic on land and marine life.

She would like to contribute her bit to make our planet plastic free and greener.

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