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"My Difference is
My Superpower

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                       E. A. Sim


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Meet Dyslexie, Dyscallie and Dysgraphel.

They all have unique learning challenges in addition to their special superpowers.

They use their powers to help children who do not feel accepted because of their differences.

Discover how these three superheroes see the good in every situation and support others through empathy and understanding.

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About the Author

E. A. Sim grew up in New York City, Seoul, and Dubai and now lives on Long Island, New York.

She rows for her high school's crew team and is a member of S.T.A.R., a student-led club that promotes mental well-being. She enjoys creative writing, surfing, and traveling all over the world.

E. A. Sim has interned at the Nicholas Center in Port Washington, New York, a center

that provides vocational pathways for autistic adults.

She plans to work in the field of human development as a child psychiatrist or speech pathologist. Through her writing, she hopes to advocate for people with developmental challenges, neurological differences, and atypical backgrounds.

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