What does the service actually provide?

            After you submit your story, Young Author Academy will:


                          Re-create the story into a book publishing format


                          Organise and format illustrations to be included in the book 

                          Perform grammar and punctuation checks throughout the story.


                          If desired, provided a draft of the story prior to publishing.

My child wants to write a book and become an Author, but how do they start writing?

Sometimes children have creative stories ready to go in their minds to put down on paper, and sometimes they can go away and write it down. However, sometimes they (just like us) have absolutely no way of how to start their story. 

We are working on a 'start-to-finish help and hints page' to start them off on their writers journey. 

In the meantime, make sure to sign up on our Facebook page to join the community where we will provide hints and motivation for your child to keep interested and excited to finish their stories. 

How long will it take to publish the book?

The typical turnaround for a book from receipt of the story a physical book will be around 3-4 weeks. 

Should the time be shorter (or longer), you will be notified with plenty of notice.

Upon receiving the story, you will be notified of the estimated time for production, with the best estimate possible. 

What if my child's story is full of grammatical and spelling errors?

All of the packages offered include basic checks on grammatical and all spelling errors.

The stories will not be total recreations - even if the need for major grammatical correction is necessary, instead grammar will be checked and corrected to at least make the stories legible.

Can I order more copies of my child's book?

Yes. You can order directly through where the books will be published. 

You will be receiving details about exactly where and how to receive the book order details. 

You can also order copies of the book through Young Author Academy's shop page.

What age do you need to be for Young Author Academy to publish a book?

For Young Author Academy to publish a story, any age is encouraged. Even adults. 

The only restriction is - the book should ideally be at least 20 pages of content (drawings, story or text etc).

What format does the book need to be in, if the story has already been typed up?

The story can be in any format (Word, email or other). As long as the story is typed and emailed. 

Young Author Academy will be reformatting the story as part of the service, so the file is of no concern. 

Should the story be in a particular font or style?

The story can be in any font you wish. Ensure to mention on the order what style / font is desired. 

If you wish to choose a specific font please visit our Style recommendations/suggestions page. 

If you have any further questions, please use our contact form below and we will send you a message

within 24 hours.