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"Elpidio's Chronicle"
              A Remarkable Odyssey

Written by
    Gerard Menezes

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Meet young Elpidio, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary sense of adventure. When he and his family set out on a seemingly routine trip, little did they know they were in for the journey of a lifetime.

A twist of fate transports them to a place Elpidio thought only existed in computer games – the captivating and blocky landscape of the Minecraft world.

As they navigate the pixelated wilderness and encounter the game's iconic creatures, Elpidio’s world transforms into an incredible blend of reality and imagination.

Together, they must summon their wits and resourcefulness to survive and find a way back home. Join Elpidio and his family on a thrilling adventure where the boundaries between the virtual and the real blur, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits around every blocky corner.

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and Portugal

About the Author

Gerard is a vibrant and charismatic thirteen-

year-old Dubai-based author. His favourite

subjects at school are Math and Geography.


Gerard loves travelling and exploring new places.

In his spare time, he loves to play online games

with his friends.

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