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"Ellie's Mysterious Garden"

By Giavanna Eelen

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Ellie and Alexis are the best of friends,

but they really don't always see eye-to-eye.

When Ellie has a major problem with her beloved garden,

Alexis comes to help, as a friend should do.

But things don't stay simple when Alexis reveals a secret;

a magical world of colourful animals and more.

Will Ellie and Alexis remain friends, or will Alexis' secret keep them apart?



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About the Author

Giavanna is a nine year old young Author living in Dubai who in her spare time,

loves to ride her bike, scooter, rollerblade and play outdoors.     


At school, Giavanna’s favorite subject is Social Studies and she enjoys playing the piano, drums and she also loves to read. When Giavanna leaves school, she wishes to be a musician, an interior designer or an Author.


Through her messaging of Veganism, Giavanna hopes the world will become a better place by helping the environment. From saving the animals and improving our health, it also makes people be more compassionate.

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