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"From Rags
                 to Redemption"

By Hadi Khan

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Ethan unwittingly brought a monstrous creation into existence, and its sole desire was to entrap the entire world. After becoming trapped within a mysterious journal, 

Ethan embarks on a harrowing journey through time.

Meanwhile, Frank, an exceptionally intelligent 12-year-old, defies the norms of his age. He inadvertently releases what he believes to be Ethan but soon discovers it's a clone.

Now, Frank is thrust into a mission to thwart the bitter AI, with unexpected twists and challenges at every turn.

As Frank faces the daunting task of saving the world, he finds an unexpected ally in Tom.

Together, they must confront the ever-looming threat.

But, will Frank underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead?"

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About the Author

Hadi Khan, a ten-year-old who loves English and sports, dreams of making a difference. He's an avid reader and enjoys football, cricket, basketball, and video games.


Driven by a sense of responsibility, Hadi is determined to tackle global issues. He's passionate about ending world hunger, recognizing the twenty million lives lost yearly.


Hadi aspires to be a politician and hopes to implement innovative solutions like free food-producing machines, initially in affluent nations.

Another cause dear to Hadi is combating global warming. He's alarmed by species extinction and aims to take immediate action to prevent future consequences. Hadi also advocates against pollution, favouring reusable fuels to reduce its impact, and promoting clean air for better health and longevity.


In his unique way, Hadi envisions a world where he contributes to positive change for future generations.

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