"Atlantis: The Lost City"

By Harsh Vardhan Wadhwa

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Harsh, Jack and Mikey take the cruise of their lifetime, when tragedy strikes.

The powers of the underworld take revenge on the humans and attack their giant vessel.

Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of the ocean, alone and on a tiny boat, unaware of where they are and how they are going to be saved.

Little do they know what lurks beneath them.

In a series of events, the boys find themselves at the bottom of the ocean with magical forces determining their fate.

Will Harsh, Jack and Mikey make it out alive and return to the Oceans' surface?

or Will they be trapped down in the depths of the Ocean forever?

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About the Author

Harsh is a fabulously imaginative nine year old young Author living in Dubai.

He loves to write stories and is also an avid reader. 

At school, Harsh’s favorite subject is Mathematics and in his spare time,

he loves to be with his friends, dance, and work on his studies,

always being mindful of his future journey.

Harsh has some ambitious goals, of which includes studying Astronomy at University. He also wishes to make films and write stories in his spare time.

Harsh believes that improved technology will make the world a better place.