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"The Troublemaker Trio"

and the Temple of Betrayal

By Hasan Chokeir

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Desperate for adventure, ten-year old James, finally manages to leave his family home, an unfriendly environment that never made him feel wanted.

After embarking on a journey into a magical world of wonder, James and his new friend, Peter, seek their place at "Spywards,"

a place that is bound to provide adventure, purpose and mystery.


Will James and Peter be accepted and find purpose or will they suffer betrayal and rejection from the place they so desperately want to belong.

Hasan The Trouble Make Trio FRONT COVER.


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About the Author

Hasan is a ten year old, dubai-based young author.

When Hasan was younger, he had the idea of creating his first book, a comic.

His love for creating stories through comics developed into a love for story writing.

He then developed a creative and adventurous story, inspired by his love for the

Harry Potter series. 

This is the first story in Hasan’s Series:

“The Trouble-Maker Trio and The Temple of Betrayal.” 

Hasan’s story will have you spell-bound to the very end and then continuously,

throughout his series.

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