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"A Journey Through Time"

Written and Illustrated  by
                    Hettie Cronin

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A man whose wife lost their job, decided to develop some improbable inventions; however, while testing one, he accidentally travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt!

Despite how awesome it is to go back in time, how is he going to leave?

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About the Author

Meet Hettie Cronin, an eleven-year-old with a passion for Art and a love for Music. Hailing from Banbury, UK, she moved to Dubai at the age of four and now resides with her family, including her younger sister, two dogs, a cat, two chickens, a guinea fowl, and a tortoise.

Hettie is a student at Dubai College and is on a musical journey, mastering the Saxophone at Grade 6, Clarinet at Grade 5, and Piano at Grade 4.  

Looking ahead, Hettie aspires to become a Barrister, with a vision of creating a fairer world. She believes in providing opportunities for children born into less fortunate circumstances, ensuring that they have access to education and the essentials for a brighter future. Hettie's hobbies encompass both Music and Art, reflecting her creative and compassionate spirit.

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