"The Magical Quest"

By Isabelle Olivier

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Hops, the bunny and her friends were planning their beautiful party in the magical forest by a magnificent waterfall, when Amber, the evil fairy flew in and snapped up their friend, Toad and their party snacks.

At the evil fairies' demands, Hops and her friends have until sundown to rescue their friend and their snacks, otherwise, they will be gone forever.

Will Hops and her friends pass through the challenging obstacles along the way to rescue their friend, or will they fail the challenges and lose their friend forever?



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About the Author

 Isabelle is an eight year old Dubai-based Author. She has aspired to write and publish her own book for a long time. Isabelle is an avid reader and writer who has a fabulous imagination. In her spare time, she loves to ride horses, play with her friends, play with her iPad and spend time with her family, particularly, her little brother.


Isabelle loves her friends and believes that you should treat people the way

that you want to be treated.

At school, Isabelle’s favourite subjects are Wow, Art, STEAM and French and when Isabelle leaves school she would love to be an Astronaut, and if not, a horse-riding teacher. 

To make the world a better place, Isabelle would love to invent a robot or similar technology that can feed and provide to the poor.