Yoshi Shiratara

and the

Lord of Hell

By Jaivardhan Nawani

'Yoshi, you are of desperate need to me. There is something in you, that will help me live.

The other questions' answers will be revealed when you come of age.

'Yoshi Shiratara is a young boy, who has a life as great as can be. But life can never say the same.

In one night, everything is turned upside down, and he has no idea that he has just entered a maze

of good against evil. This young man has no idea what he is going to tackle.

Encountering friends and foes, he must fight against the one and only huge curse

on humanity, Lord Exteriminans.

Yoshi, along with the rest of the gang, encounters confinement, betrayal, glory, a battle

and loads of other unexpected challenges and surprises.

He also learns the most important lessons of life. All good or evil prevail?

Will Yoshi and his companion survive this deathly attempt?

And, most importantly, will Yoshi be able to teach the world how to use mental

intelligence in the right way and not the wrong way, and will he make it out ALIVE?

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About the Author

Jaivardhan is a fabulously charismatic nine-year old writer and poet. He enjoys writing short stories and poems, and during Summer 2020, he embarked on writing a novel, based on a space adventure.

Jaivardhan’s favorite subjects at school are English, Mathematics, Science, French and Music. He loves to play music, spending time with his family, building airplane models and building structures with lego blocks.

In addition to being fascinated with programming and technology, Jai is interested in Astronomy and space science. 

To make the world a better place, Jai would raise awareness of the true importance of our planet’s well-being. We all must act as responsible dwellers. Jai endeavours to continues to spread awareness, particularly through his writings as an Author.