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"The Secret Adventure"

Written by Jake D'Souza

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Meet Alex, a curious young boy with a thirst for adventure.


One sunny morning, he set out on a journey with his friends, into the heart of the mysterious forest that bordered his small village. Armed with a backpack and a secret map that he found in his attic, Alex embarks on what he believes will be a fun adventure in search of a missing crystal.

Little did Alex know that not only would he be on an exploration of a lifetime, but he would also uncover a family mystery.

Will Alex find the crystal deep inside the forest?

And what family secret will he uncover?

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About the Author


Jake D'Souza started his writing journey at the age of seven. Born and raised in Dubai, Jake's passion for storytelling was ignited by his love for reading. He dreams of becoming an author of a best-selling novel, weaving tales that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of his readers. 

Jake is also a conscious environmentalist, driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards the planet. Jake actively participates in his school's "eco warrior" team, working alongside fellow students to promote sustainability and raise awareness about environmental issues. In his spare time, Jake loves to play football and play lots of games with his new pup “Cooper".

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