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The Teddy Bear in the Toy Store

By Janya Bal Soni

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In the quaint and little toy store, all is quiet and unsuspecting. That is until customers enter the store and break the peace; the peace amongst the toys who live in the toy store that has allowed them to roam, happy and free.

Everything changes in the little toy store when their fearless teddy bear leader, Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy, goes missing.

The other toys endeavour on a mission to search for and rescue Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy, despite not knowing where on earth he could be.


Will the toys find Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy? and will they all make it back to the toy store, unharmed?

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About the Author


Janya is an eight year old Dubai-based Author. She has a fabulous imagination and sense of creativity that is evident in her writing and story ideas. 

In her spare time, Janya enjoys reading, writing and gymnastics and when she grows up she thinks she would like to be an actress, gymnast or writer. 

To make the world a better place, Janya would give all children of the world an education, giving them the ability to learn and have the same educational opportunities.

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