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"Refugee Dreams"

By Jhanvi Goyal

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Because of war and tragedy, Amira's life dramatically changed.

Finding themselves in a refugee camp, Amira and her mother worked tirelessly in the fields, just to survive. It was their only choice. An existence very different to the life they once led years before, back in Syria. But Amira had hope and dreams.

She dared not to give up and she begged her mother to allow her to study in the nearby

UN-funded school. To attend the school, however, she would need to make many great sacrifices.


Will Amira realise her dreams and goals?

and will she ever feel happiness again?

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About the Author

Jhanvi is a nine year old accomplished writer and an avid reader. Having already published her first book in 2020, Jhanvi continues to write and learn about the world around her. One day she wishes to become a world renowned Author. 

Through her writing, Jhanvi aspires to create awareness about many issues and topics that typically impact children. She is inspired from everyday life and from the people around her. Jhanvi believes that reading is one of the best ways to learn about the world.


In her spare time, Jhanvi loves to also play with her little brother and create, draw and color. Jhanvi is currently studying classical piano and at school, Jhanvi’s favorite subjects are Maths and Art.

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