"All is NOT Fair in
Love and War"


By J. M. Lofty 

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It is 2054; World War Three has been declared.

Luna is caught in a world where she cannot escape the torment of potential war at her doorstop; at everyone’s door stop. The Ministry will imminently call upon all men to fight the battle to save their homelands and Luna and her family are unquestionably anxious.

Trapped inside with no place to go, Luna seeks refuge in the Metaverse with her friends hoping to find comfort and escape from an uneasy new world.

Will Luna's real and online worlds collide and will the War end without bloodshed?


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About the Author

Jomana Mohammed Lotfy was born in 2009 in Cairo, Egypt.

She grew up almost half of her life in Egypt then moved to Dubai at the age of six.

Jomana is a very spirited writer, who other than writing, is also very passionate about the performing arts. Her enthusiasm has persuaded her to consider a career in writing and to become a professional novelist. Besides writing, she is very interested in studying within the field of Law. She wishes to encourage female and animal rights, and also hopes to contribute to the prevention of global warming effects. 

“I feel like when I grow up I could affect these three factors in many ways. I would be very proud if I could change the world for the better in areas like these,” 

                  - Jomana Mohammed Lotfy