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"The Cutthroats
Pirates  of Nankoo"

Written and Illustrated by
              Kai DeBenedictis


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Millions of light years away, a planet called Nankoo is ruled by an enigmatic tyrant

"The Emperor", his fleet of U.N.N.F. warships, and an army of deadly Hbarri warriors who terrorise all who oppose them. 

The seas of Nankoo had been quiet for several years without any sign of resistance...

Until today...

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About the Author

Kai is thirteen years old, lives in Dubai and is currently a student at Dubai College. A voracious reader, Kai has had a passion for books from an early age and he twice won the Annual Readers cup in Primary School for reading the most words in his school. This love of reading from a young age has inspired him to become a published Author in his own right.

Kai’s favourite subjects are History and English. With a vivid imagination, he loves to create stories, but also is interested to learn about historical events. Kai has always loved tales of pirates and  great battles, whether they be here on earth or in outer space, from Napoleon to Darth Vader.

In his spare time, Kai plays cricket and tennis, recently completed his PADI diving certificate, and is a fan of the documentary, “My Octopus Teacher”. He has combined his love of pirates, the ocean, and science fiction into his first novel.

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