"The tooth that would not fall


Kids Team Adventures

go to MARS!"

By Kalkyn Ashok Thapa

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Be treated with two fabulous stories by Kalkyn.

The tooth that would not fall is a story about a boy (Sam) who is desperate to lose his baby teeth.

After chipping his teeth, he tries so a many different ways to lose that last stubborn tooth.

Does Sam lose his last stubborn tooth?

Does he finally get his wish?


The Kids Team Adventures: Mission Mars: is an exciting adventure about a group of friends (kid-heroes) who love to save people from trouble and danger.

One day they get a mission to reach Mars before their Space Rivals do.

Do they reach the red planet before the Space Rivals? or are they defeated and disappointed?

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About the Author

Kalkyn was just 6 years old when he wrote and published his first book. 

He is now almost 8 years old and he still loves to read and write.


His favourite subjects at school are Art, P.E., Maths and Language Arts. 

Kalkyn is most excited and happy when he is at his friends parties and he is

happy when he is at school. 

When he grows up, Kalkyn wishes to be a Palaeontologist.

Kalkyn believes that we would make the world a better place by recycling

as much as we can and if we were all kind to everybody.