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Magical Mangroves

by Kanshika Manikandan

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Sultan has no interest in going camping when he hears that the family are planning a camping trip.

Sultan was not interested in outdoor activities at all. He was also not very kind to nature and what it provides.


After witnessing the shine from beautiful glittery golden tree outside his tent, Sultan experiences a magical experience in the form of a game, three magical creatures and a Treasure Box.


Will Sultan complete the tasks and learn the importance of treating our earth with love and care?

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About the Author

Kanshika is a charming young Environmental Enthusiast, who is always ready to help anyone in need. At school, her favorite subjects are Science and Math. She is a Mental Math graduate and an Artist who aims to make the Earth greener and bluer with some initiatives in school with her group of friends.

Kanshika is a keen SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) follower and she enjoys penning stories and artwork related to the United Nations SDG goals and objectives.

In her spare time, Kanshika likes to try different art styles, to solve her Rubik's Cube, challenge her brain with some math puzzles, and to wander in the midst of her story collection.

Upon finishing her studies, Kanshika would like to be an Environmental Activist, a Scientist, or a Mathematician, and she would like to continue publishing books and pieces; all with the keen desire to learn and share important knowledge and experiences.

To make the world a better place, Kanshika would work towards the UN SDGs, to transform our world and make it a happier and more sustainable place. By working hard together, we can put a smile on Mother Earth's face.

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