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"The Battle of the Underground
- Keith’s Ultimate Quest- "

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                    Keith Patel


After escaping from the Sorcerer's clutches and subsequently being adopted by the Wazouskies, who never really seemed to want him there, Keith’s life and purpose was confusing. He knew from early memories that he possessed some form of powers, but never really understood why or how to use them.


Keith’s fortune changed when he received a mysterious invitation to join a wizard training campus. Unbeknowns to Keith, the campus was designed to train youths with special powers, to battle the spirits in the Underground. A war was brewing in the Underground and Keith was chosen to test his mastery in order to save the world from destruction. What Keith doesn’t know, is that there is a figure in the form of a boy, possessed by the forces of the Underworld.

Will Keith be able to unleash the forces of the Underworld from the boy?

Does he even know how?

Or will all go in vain and disaster strike.

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About the Author

Keith is an enthusiastic, Dubai-based young Author with a fantastical imagination for adventure stories. At ten years old, Keith is an avid reader and writer, who in his spare time, loves to play football.

At school, Keith’s favourite subject is Maths and his favourite hobbies include playing chess, football and piano.

Upon leaving school, Keith dreams of being a footballer, something he would love to achieve in order to help those less fortunate.

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