"City Kids to Tribal Heroes"

By Keyah Mehta

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Max and Emma were your typical adventure-loving kids. But when they decided to go on a weekend cycle adventure on the outskirts of town, their whole world changed.

After finding a map in an ancient book in the local library, Max and Emma decided to venture out into the nearby forest to find out if there truly was an undiscovered civilisation, as the map revealed.

Will Max and Emma come across anything extraordinary or will the book just be telling stories of fiction?

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About the Author

Keyah is a vibrant ten year old based in England who loves to write and loves to learn. At school, Keyah’s favourite subject is history and in her spare time, she loves to play with her dogs, who she adores. 

Keyah loves to also spend her time playing sports, drawing, reading and cooking. Keyah also loves to be with her family, doting on her brother, Vivaan. 

Upon leaving school, Keyah believes that she will most probably study zoology and become a zookeeper or a zoologist. Ever since she was three, Keyah has loved animals and wanted a pet dog.


Upon realising her dream, Keyah’s family got two dogs; her dream came true.

She loves dogs for their character and personality. 

To make the world a better place, Keyah would help through minimising pollution and helping those less fortunate.