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"Murder from Hindsight"
                     - Case 106 -

Written by
     Khushi Gadhia

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After receiving a mysterious and unnerving call, Mila was worried that her mother was in danger. The lady on the other end of the call screamed for Help! Mila had suspicions that the voice of the desperate lady calling for help could be her mother.

After reaching her mom's home, she finds a disturbingly tragic scene that has her wrecked with grief and anger.

What will Mila find at her mother's home and how will she find out the truth?


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About the Author


Khushi is a ten year old Dubai-based avid reader and enthusiastic writer. With many interests, Khushi keeps very busy writing stories and songs, painting, drawing and sketching. One of her favourite Authors is Michael Morpurgo. 


At school, Khushi’s favourite subject is Maths and in her spare time, she loves doing cartwheels, handstands and “attempting” bridges. 

She always fails at bridges. 

Upon leaving school, Khushi would consider being a part-time Author and possibly even a part-time singer along with her chosen studies and profession. 

Khushi loves murder mysteries because it gives a child the sense of urgency to find out the truth and they stick to the book. These books have a sly lesson to them. For example, Mila had to remember that you can’t trust a person who you don't have much connection with. Plus, it intrigues children to read books because it always makes children think about something other than TV or work.

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