Fintastic Sharks

By Kian Fotuhi

Take a deep dive into the mysterious world of sharks.

Researched and written by one of the world's best shark experts below the age of 10.

Enjoy learning lots of facts about many types of sharks.

About the Author

Kian has always been passionate about sharks. 

Since the age of 3, he has been reading and learning about sharks.

When he was 7, Kian spotted a mistake in one of the shark books that he was reading, so he decided to get in touch with the author. 

The author was impressed with his knowledge of sharks and told him that they would make the correction in the next edition of the book. That is when Kian decided to write his own shark book and make sure it was error-free.


At the age of 8, Kian travelled to Thailand, where he became one of the youngest people ever to complete the open-water Shark Guardian Diver program. 

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