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"The Unlikely Warrior
& The Impossible Quest"

By Kinaan Syed

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In the year 1219, there stood the small remote village of Xuelin in the green and fertile lands of China. After disaster struck and many kingdom's and villages were destroyed by natural disasters, the Emperor of the small kingdom called upon a brave adventurer to search for the Serpent Pearl; a powerful and mysterious object they believed to be guarded by the all majestic scaly serpent. An object that many believed would restore luck to the Kingdom once again.

When Ben Zhuo, a villager, was chosen by mistaken identity to undertake the dangerous and momentus mission, he was scared of failing the Emperor and the Kingdom.

Will Ben succeed in his mission to find and deliver the

Serpent Pearl to the Emperor?
or will he fail and fail his precious kingdom?



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About the Author

Kinaan is an eleven year old accomplished young Dubai-based Author. At school, Kinaan’s favorite subject is English, creative writing and in his spare time, he loves to read, play chess and badminton, and spend time with his family.

Some of Kinaan’s favorite hobbies include traveling, writing, reading and eating noodles; one of his favorite meals.

When he finishes school, Kinaan is considering a career as an Author, Chef or an Archaeologist.


To make the world a better place, Kinaan believes in educating and motivating people to protect our environment and to save endangered animals.

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