By Krish Sanjay Joseph

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On April 9th, 2024, the first superhuman abilities started to pop up on earth for humans.

The first cases were seen in America.

Scientists from the United Nations announced that the sun would project a gamma wave, but they revealed that there would be no side effects from it and would not affect the human race at all.

Little did they know that it would be the most immense leap for all of mankind in history.


Krish is a ten year-old boy, expecting or at least wondering if he will be struck by the Gamma Wave, set to blast down to Earth at any moment. When confronted by Villain, Glitch Slayer, Krish is faced with an ever mighty force that may destroy the world, if Krish doesn’t intervene in time.


Will Krish protect the Earth from the Villainous team of Slayers?

Will he discover and reveal the mole and uncover the mystery of his alter-ego?

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About the Author

Krish is an eleven-year-old Dubai-based writer.
In his spare time, Krish loves to read, play Minecraft and hang out with his friends.

At school, Krish’s favourite subject is Science and when he leaves school,

he aspires to study Science & Technology and contribute to Medical Science, like his grandfather.

Krish loves his Grandparents and looks forward to spending time with them.

Krish’s love for Science and desire to help our future, particularly in the field of technology, motivates Krish to want to help people in many different ways.


Krish hopes for peace for our future and he also hopes for greater eradication of carbon emissions by or generations going forward. Something that the covid virus pandemic has highlighted as possible.