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"The World of Fantasia
and the Fight for Survival"

Written by
     Lamar Ibrahim

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Alexandra and Olivia were best of friends.

Having shared a similar sad memory of losing their fathers when they were very young, they would spend every spare moment together.

One day when they were visiting their favourite place, the library, they stumbled across a magnificent and magical secret. Not only would this discovery uncover an incredible parallel world but also reveal answers to a life-long mystery.


Will Alexandra and Olivia return safely from the magical world?

And will they welcome the answers to the mystery that have kept them wondering all these years?


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About the Author

Lamar is a ten year old avid reader and an enthusiastic writer. At school, Lamar’s favorite subject is English and in her spare time, she loves to read, write and play with lego. Her love for creativity and also engineering, has Lamar seeing herself study in the field of Robotics or even Medicine; she may even perhaps publish and continue her writing journey.

To make the world a better place, Lamar would love to have people read more. It is a powerful thing being knowledgeable, and to read and learn more is an empowering thing to do.

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