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Written by Lebanah M. Shaji

Illustrated by Nithila Illayaraja Magizharasi

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In the heart of a magical and mysterious realm lies a village in peril, its fate hanging in the balance. When Kate, a determined young warrior, seeks the help of unsuspecting travellers Cathy and Haley, their lives are forever changed. With the village of Tajemnica under threat from the villainous Kang Zi, who has stolen the sacred swords and imprisoned its defenders, Kate turns to the newcomers for aid.

As they embark on a dangerous quest to reclaim the swords and save the village, Cathy and Haley find themselves entangled in a journey of bravery, friendship, and unexpected discoveries.

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About the Author

Lebanah, a bright and imaginative fourteen-year-old, finds solace and passion in the realms of English and History within the confines of her school walls. With a voracious appetite for knowledge, she eagerly delves into the pages of literature and the annals of the past, finding inspiration and fascination in every word and every historical event.

In her moments of leisure, she immerses herself in the enchanting world of books, finding refuge in the depths of stories and narratives. For Lebanah, writing is a form of self-expression, sometimes, she finds herself sketching characters, breathing life into them either on paper or in the digital realm, adding another layer to her creative repertoire.


Lebanah dreams of a future where her love for writing transcends mere passion and becomes a force for positive change in the world. With unwavering determination, she envisions herself continuing to pen numerous books, each one a testament to her creativity and her desire to make a difference. In her eyes, the path to a better world begins with the youth of today. 

Lebanah is driven by a singular mission: to empower and uplift her peers, offering them guidance and support in a world fraught with uncertainty. She recognizes the prevalence of issues like depression and insecurity among her contemporaries and believes that by addressing these issues head-on, she can pave the way for a brighter future.

Lebanah's journey is one fuelled by optimism and creativity. With each word she writes and each character she brings to life, she moves one step closer to her ultimate goal: a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and realize their full potential.

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