The New Beginning

By Lina Mansoor

After searching for an interesting article topic for the Brichard Prep School Paper, Heather and her new friends embark on anadventure of a lifetime. Venturing into an abandoned forest revealed a beautiful and magical yet, dangerous world for humans, where a world of flying horse-like birds and other creatures roamed. The girls become entangled in a world of mystery and danger wondering if they are ever able to escape this forbidden realm. Will they find their way out of the magical forest? And will they ever get to write the article the newspaper so desperately needs?

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About the Author

Lina is a keen writer who lives in Dubai, U.A.E.

In her spare time, Lina loves to read, draw and paint. She also loves to create miniature items. 

Lina’s favourite subject at school is English. 

Lina feels happy and motivated mostly when she reads and listens to music

Lina aims to continue writing and publishing and endeavours to write about self-love and positivity. A contribution that would make the world a better place.