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"A Long Journey"

Written by
              Luca Charawani


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After a series of brazen and brash robberies, the city of Los Angeles was fear-stricken and on heightened alert. Jasper and Jeremiah felt invincible. Their life of crime was lucrative and exciting for them, but the FBI was closing in.


Will the crime-ridden 'City of Death' be brought under control

and will Jasper and Jeremiah be brought to justice?

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About the Author

Luca is an eleven year old Dubai-based Author who loves to read and create highly imaginative stories. His imagination is incredibly vast and his stories are full of intrigue, wonder and adventure.

Luca was inspired to write at the age of eight years old after thinking of many story ideas and when he had heard of a writing club that could publish his stories, he knew that it would be his chance to write and publish a book, solely authored by himself.

At school, Luca’s favourite subject is Math as he enjoys reasoning and problems, and in his spare time, he loves to play video games with his friends. He also loves to play with his puppy, Dexter.

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