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By Mai Elsayed

Rose found herself falling into a deep, dark and lonely hole. 

Despite being surrounded by people who love and support her, she couldn’t find the solace she needed. 

All it took was 10 minutes to tear her life apart. Drowning in her desperation, Rose was pulling the threads of hope until she broke down. 

Was she going to give up and surrender to the pain or did she find a way to heal and fix her shattered soul?

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About the Author

Mai Elsayed a clinical hypnotherapist with cognitive behavioural therapy counselling skills. Throughout the book, Elsayed discusses a real-life story of a girl (Rose) who was ghosted by her partner. This novel makes the reader feel how Rose was grieving and how she was able to overcome her trauma.

When he disappeared, she appeared – hence the title 'Disappear'.

The book takes the reader through the different stages of grief. After a journey of self-discovery and emotional acceptance, Rose heals and turns her wounds into wisdom.

Topics like grief and how it could lead to depression and suicidal thoughts often go unnoticed and undiscussed.

It is noble that the world is working hard to raise awareness about mental health issues.

With the rise of technology, it is very easy to ghost people, especially in a long-distance relationship. This book will help those who are victims of ghosting realise that they are not alone and that there is hope to heal.

Life is a pattern of Yin-Yang. We can never see the light if we don’t know what darkness feels like. Similarly, the

shadow of the dark times will seize to exist without the light of the good ones. Hence, the bitter-sweet balance of life.

Mai Elsayed is always keen to highlight that what matters are the lessons we learn from the undesirable experiences we go through.

The way we think highly impacts the way our body reacts, to the extent that our thoughts build neural pathways which get stronger with practice. We may not be able to control the circumstances, but we always have the choice how to react to the things that happen to us.

She aims to eliminate mental health stigma and empower those who are psychologically suffering by making them feel accepted, heard and most importantly understood.

There is always a way out of suffering and if it is not good, then it is not the end. Hold on, who says there needs to be an end for every healing journey anyway?


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