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Written by Maisey Gregory

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In the land of Animalania, there lived three little kittens; Coal, Copper and Snow.

They were the best of friends and always had so much fun playing together.

One day when one of the kittens was mysteriously kidnapped, the others, distraught upon her disappearance, set upon a quest; to find their beloved kitty friend and rescue her.

What they do not count on, is the dangerous mission that they are about to encounter.

Will the kitty's find their friend and be able to rescue her?

or will their journey be too much to take?



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About the Author

Maisey is an eleven year old Dubai-based Author who has a love and passion for literature, writing and highly imaginative storytelling.

At school, Maisey’s favourite subject is English and in her spare time, Maisey loves to cycle, play badminton, Minecraft and rounders.



Maisey is a mean speed-cuber, with a Personal Best of 36 seconds, and has a YouTube channel which features fun guides and instructional ‘how to’ video’s on Minecraft.

“The Heroes of Kitty Kingdom” was largely inspired by two beautiful kittens that Maisey’s family are fostering, with whom she is very smitten.

Maisey has two wonderful (twin) brothers who she loves to play and cycle together with and when she grows up, she wishes to become an Artist and an Author.

To make the world a better place, Maisey wishes to spread more awareness of global warming as well as the pollution that plastic is creating, specifically, its harmful effects on marine life.

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