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Written by
Mariam Siddiqui

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High schooler Summer's life is turned upside down when her father suddenly files

for a divorce with her mother without any explanation.

As she struggles to come to terms with the sudden split, Summer becomes increasingly determined to find out what happened and why her family is falling apart.

With the help of her friends and new acquaintances, Summer sets out on a journey to uncover the truth about her mother's past and the dark secrets that have been hidden from her. Summer must navigate her complicated home life while being a teenager, juggling friendships and the anniversary of the death of a fellow student.


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About the Author

Mariam Siddiqui is a sixteen-year-old Author from Austin, Texas, who enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time with loved ones. 


She discovered her passion for writing on a vacation with her cousin and has since discovered her natural ability and capacity  for novel writing. 


Looking to the future, Mariam hopes to pursue a career in marketing while continuing to hone her skills as a writer.

mariam siddiqui author picture.png
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