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"The Soul Stealer"

Written by Mariam Fatima Sesay 

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“A twelve-year-old can only do so much” but is that the case for Denise? Denise has always felt like she isn’t good enough for her father, and people constantly dispiriting her didn't help matters.

When Denise's father dies in war, Denise decides to prove her worth to her father by making a deal with the Soul Stealer: one hundred souls, one to four days.

Denise takes on the challenge, determined to prove that a twelve-year-old can go beyond the limit.

When Denise faces hardships throughout her journey, she realises that neither her mother, spiteful little brother, or menacing aunt holds her back; her biggest obstacle is herself.

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About the Author

Mariam Fatima Sesay is a young author who has been writing since the age of seven. Her first entry was a journal she kept in grade 2 and continued as the years went on. When she reached Grade 5, she put the pen down and focused on other things; she soon realised that writing was her passion and couldn’t give it up.


The Soul Stealer is inspired by pain, sorrow and anger that someone might experience throughout their life, especially when facing loss. Despite being a fantasy, there are some situations and emotions that people might relate to. And after three months, 1 week and 1 day, she managed to illustrate these emotions in the form of a book.

Mariam’s slogan is, “A bright attitude is the write attitude,” and has been applying the phrase since she first began writing.

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