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"A Different Dimension,
A Different Story

By Maryam Al Dameh

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When six nerdy friends go on a school trip to the ancient history museum, they face a series of unexpected events where all boundaries of time are broken

and the friends find themselves stuck in another dimension.

They realize that the only way they can get through this is by sticking together and never giving up.

Will they find a way to overcome this mysterious world or will life let go of them?

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About the Author

Sarah is a fabulously imaginative ten-year old writer based in Dubai. She enjoys writing short stories.


Sarah's favourite subjects at school are English, PE and Music. She loves to swim and cook, and she is also a huge football fan.


Amongst many of her achievements, Sarah won 1st place in the heat of the Hamdan Swimming Competition in Dubai recently. When she leaves school, she may become a professional swimmer.


To make the world a better place, Sarah would raise awareness of the true importance of our planet’s well-being through creating a safer and cleaner place.

About the Author

Maryam is a ten year old Dubai-based enthusiastic and highly imaginative writer and author. At school, Maryam’s favourite subject is Science and in her spare time, she is particularly passionate and very talented with her music and dancing. Maryam also loves to swim and read.

Upon leaving school, Maryam would love to study to become a Surgeon and to help others in the field of Medicine. To make the world a better place, Maryam would spread awareness to protect our environment.

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