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"The Thrill of New Africa"

By Maya Fotuhi

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Shattering African's      

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Africa’s economy is rising to shine.


In this exciting book, Maya Fotuhi shatters the misconceptions that Africa is made of poor countries with starving people dying in deserts.

This book provides up-to-date information about the amazing progress in different major countries on this continent, and how their economies and people are advancing in various fields. This book also shines light on the success stories of people in Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and other countries in Africa and how some of their billionaires are changing the world around them.

Maya Fotuhi's interview with the youngest billionaire in Africa, Mr. Mohammed Dewji,

gives you the life story of one such person who has established a multi-national dynasty.

Finally, this book provides compelling evidence as to why some believe Africa has the potential to be the most outstanding continent in the world.

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hardcover version NOW Available

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*hardcover version coming soon.

About the Author

Maya Fotuhi has traveled to over 25 countries and has a unique view of African countries in comparison to other nations around the world. She has experienced African lifestyles first-hand, through her participation in building a school in a small village in Tanzania.

Maya also has had the opportunity to meet with the youngest billionaire in Africa, in person, who shared his views about the bright future of this fascinating continent. Maya lives with her family in McLean, Virginia, U.S.

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